Cricket Betting on the Rise: Which Countries are Seeing the Biggest Growth?

Cricket has become one of the most popular sports, both for entertainment and for betting. As cricket has gained more popularity, so too has the betting market on it. In this article, we will explore which countries are seeing the biggest growth in cricket betting, why they’re seeing this growth, and what strategies these countries are using to increase their cricket betting revenue.

Betting Regulations and Laws

The legality of betting on cricket around the world varies depending upon the governing laws of each country. On a general note, most countries with strong and established gambling traditions have legalized sports betting. However, the regulations and laws surrounding cricket betting differ from one jurisdiction to another; to be specific, some countries allow online sites like CrickEX and land-based cricket betting while others restrict it to either one or impose more rigid restrictions. It is important to note that individual states within certain countries may also have additional regulations.



India is one of the world’s most populous countries with 1.3 billion citizens, as of 2018. The country has become a major force in global cricket betting and has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Over the past four years, legal betting on cricket in India has grown from $35 million to a staggering $50 billion — an increase of over 127%.

Many betting outlets have opened specifically targeting Indian consumers, both online and offline. The appeal lies in offering larger payouts than those available to locals on international matches, and there is also convenience offered for users to bet using their mobile phones in rupees. This has contributed heavily to the increasing popularity of cricket betting in India and access to bets being more widespread than ever before.

Furthermore, India’s overwhelmingly high population coupled with its large influence on the cricket world makes it difficult for authorities to effectively regulate laws associated with gambling, perpetuating its rising popularity within the country amongst locals and tourists alike.

United Kingdom


The United Kingdom has seen a substantial increase in cricket betting over the past few years. This popularity can be attributed to a number of factors, including the growth of ODI cricket and the increasing influence of T20 leagues in England.

There are several national cricket leagues that exist within the United Kingdom, including the County Championship and the Minor Counties Championship. Additionally, there is a much wider online offering for patrons given its status as a global platform for cricket betting. Much like India’s IPL and Australia’s Big Bash League, England also holds its own tournament for professional cricketers – The Hundred. With this surge in local talent playing at an elite level nationally and internationally, it has boosted interest from those both within and outside of England in betting on these contests.

The U.K.’s Gambling Commission has also played a significant role in viewership due to regulation changes like “gamble aware” warnings on live sports broadcasts which increase awareness of problem gamblers. Protections have also been put in place to guard against underage children accessing gambling sites more easily. Overall this combination with good viewing experiences has made cricket betting extremely accessible everywhere in Britain; becoming part of almost every major sporting event broadcasted today in some way or another.


Australia has been seeing a rise in cricket betting since the beginning of 2020. This has been attributed to the strong performance of the national team, which won their first-ever men’s World Cup by finishing on top of the ICC Cricket World Cup standings in 2019.

The Australian team’s recent success has been a huge boost for cricket betting throughout the country. With many people getting interested in betting on international matches as well, there has been a boost in interest in cricket betting.

Online sportsbooks have seen an increase in customers searching for and placing bets on Australian matches. This is due to the fact that these sites provide information, stats, and news about teams and players all around the world, making it easier for bettors to research and place more informed wagers.

Bookmakers have become more competitive, offering better odds and exciting promotions designed to draw more customers toward their sites. Popular cricket operators often have extensive markets open for every major Australian match with bonuses available to new customers.

Overall, cricket betting has grown significantly over the past few years in Australia. With so many great opportunities available in online sportsbooks, Australians can now make money by investing their knowledge into wagering on their favorite teams!

South Africa

The South African cricket betting market has gotten increasingly popular in recent years. As with other countries, many gamblers participate in cricket betting pools or make wagers through regulated official channels while a minority also participates in unlawful or unsanctioned gambling without paying dues to the government or to sportsbook operators.

According to a report from Sportradar, South Africa saw a 91% increase year-over-year from 2017 and saw over 21 million bets placed on international matches alone.

South Africa has seen greater engagement since Cricket World Cup 2019 and the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 editions, as well as increased activity by local leagues and more tournaments being played across the nation, have all helped to contribute to a surge in participation. Other factors that have contributed include a rise of access to international sports books as well as burgeoning technology such as web applications and mobile apps, which has allowed for greater participation from recreational punters who want their bets on the go.


Betting on cricket attracts traditional gamblers interested in playing matches to those looking to capitalize on the growing e-sports market by utilizing digital platform tools to access an ever-widening selection of sports matches for betting. As more gamblers explore new types of platforms as well as continue to place bets with traditional bookmakers and platforms with embedded offerings such as casinos, clarity on how specific countries regulate online wagering remains essential for ensuring a safe and secure environment for both businesses and consumers alike.