Cristiano Ronaldo – a victim of a hidden camera

This season hasn’t started all that good for Cristiano Ronaldo. Having his worst start since joining Real Madrid he has endured an injury, a goal drought, disappointment of fans and now things are finally getting back on track. He began scoring frequently, and a reward came in the form of a new contract.

Being famous football player like the Portuguese certainly is, brings you money not only from playing football but from many sponsors. Handsome as he is, Ronaldo has huge revenue from representing all kinds of fashion companies, perfume brands, sport equipment manufacturers and he even owns a couple of marks himself.

The comic situation we are mentioning here happened when he was at one of the shootings where he was making the commercial for a sports brand. It seemed like a normal day for Ronaldo, and that launching of his new football boots was going according to a plan. And it went until the moment he was scared by the man that popped out of desk on which his new snickers were sitting on.

This was all recorded by a camera and was a part of Ricardo Quaresma’s revenge. In order to promote Nike products which both of the players are representing, they set up one another joke. It all started when Cristiano was advertising his Mercurial boots in front of Quaresma’s car. The car was completely covered in tinfoil with CR7 logo on it, and Real Madrid’s superstar was carelessly posing next to it.

Besiktas winger and Ronaldo’s teammate from Portugal squad Quaresma was patient and was biding his time to conduct his revenge. The moment came when Ronaldo was once again ready to promote his new boots.

The entire story that has happened is now revealed to be a marketing stunt, but nevertheless, Ronaldo’s surprise looked genuine. He was amused and couldn’t believe Ricardo got him back. Competitive, as he is, Ronaldo is probably gearing up for a prank war with Quaresma. Will it happen again on some Nike advertising event or will Ronaldo continue doing this regardless of the situation it remains to be seen?

Watch your back Ricardo, Cristiano is coming for you.