Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots – Week 10 Picks And Predictions

This is the money game from Week 10 there is no doubt about that. These squads will meet for the first time since that Super Bowl XLIX game. It was an instant classic in which Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won their 4th ring by beating the ‘Hawks 28:24 in a thriller finish. And yes, they should have run the ball with Lynch at 1-yard line.

Now, when we are more than a year and a half away from that game, we can say that these teams are just not on the same level like they were at that moment. New England is pretty much the best team in football while the Seahawks have slipped just a little bit. They were the dominant force back then, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good football team right now.

Jimmy Graham has come alive for this crew, and he is the X-factor right now. If he can get back to putting up consistent performances just like the one against Buffalo when he was making one-handed catches all over the place, the Seahawks could be dangerous in this duel. New England’s defense has been decent, but not impressive. Jamie Collins is not on the team anymore, so there is a chance for Seattle to catch Patriots unprepared if that’s even possible.

We have no reasons to be concerned about the Patriots even with Collins in Cleveland. They have proven that they can get the job done with almost anyone on the field. Tom Brady is still there and so is the best tight end in the league, Rob Gronkowski. Brady’s weapons are all over the place, it’s hard to think of the time when he had more choices than right now. Blount, White, Gronk, Edelman, Amendola, and Hogan all are there being productive and deadly.

We like the Seahawks, but there is no way we are picking them over the Patriots in this one. It’s going to be an interesting duel that will fail to reach the levels of greatness that Super Bowl match reached. Still, it’s going to be a good game in which the Patriots will prevail 30:24.