Cristiano Ronaldo reveals exactly how much he earns!

Apparently, Cristiano Ronaldo published his financial records on Thursday, and not surprising at all, they showed that Real Madrid superstar earned over $238,752,000, and this all came after the accusation that he evaded the taxes in 2015.

An international consortium of media organizations claimed that the enormous data leak that contained 18 million documents clearly show that Portuguese star may have hidden more than $213 million earned from the image rights in the British Virgin Islands. To beat this Ronaldo released all of the details regarding his income in 2015, which according to him, he already passed over to the Spanish tax authorities. The procedure known as “Model 720” showed the tax chiefs in March that Ronaldo earned 290 million euros outside of Spain and 33 million inside the country.

Ronaldo’s management company, Gestifute released a statement saying “This document confirms that Spain’s Tax Agency is knowledgeable of all of Cristiano Ronaldo‘s assets and income. From now on, the player will not make any further statement on this subject”. They continued by saying “As reported in recent days, the player has been aware of his tax obligations right away from the beginning of his professional career in all of the countries in which he has resided, and has not and has never had any issue with the tax authorities of any of those countries. This communication, which was not required by law, constitutes irrefutable proof that Cristiano Ronaldo and his representatives are in good faith and co-operate with the authorities in a spirit of transparency and compliance with legality.”

Earlier on Thursday, Ronaldo wanted to show that he did nothing wrong and to plead his case used a saying to do so – “You believe I am worried? He who owes nothing, fears nothing.” This was said after Ronaldo was approached by Portuguese TV station RTP where they wanted him to respond to these allegations right after Real Madrid’s Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund.

Just to show how much Ronaldo is a bellowed player, in his defense came his club by releasing a statement “Real Madrid demands the maximum respect for a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, whose behavior has been exemplary during his entire time at our club.”

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