Here Is What Cowboys Need To Do To Beat The Giants

Dallas Cowboys are still holders of the best record in the NFL. They are sitting at the top of their division, and conference, with 11-1 record going into this heated divisional rivalry game against the New York Giants, the only team that has been able to beat them so far this year.

Giants have an improved defense this season, and they are the only defense that was able to slow down Ezekiel Elliot in his rookie season. Grant it, some of that had to do with the fact that it was his first career game. But, they did stop him.

If Cowboys want to win this game, they need to keep their defense off the field. Running game is going to be the key for them in this match as they can’t afford to run the ball like they did in that Week 1 meeting with the Giants when they were shut down.

This defense hasn’t been exposed because they are spending a lot of time sitting on the sidelines while Ezekiel Elliot hits all the right holes, at the right time, for a lot of first downs and big plays. That’s going to be the key for the ‘Boys in this one.

If Odell Beckahm Jr. and Sterling Shepard get a lot of attempts at exposing this defense, they will do it, and that is going to put the Giants in a great position to win the game.

Cowboys need to prevent that from happening. The best way to do it is to run the ball like they have been doing all season long.