The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down on The History Channel

The History Channel presents another episode of Curse of Oak Island. The episode titled Drilling Down is having Lagina brothers arranging down the road projects with their colleague Matty Blake. The last episode of Season 4 reached its rating peak, but in spite of this Lagina brothers don’t seem to be taking into consideration working on the next season. Although there are no official announcements, this is what appears to be the most probable sequence of events.

However, the audience is still hoping that this is not true and that brothers might change their minds and work on Season 5 during this and the next year. To many, it just seems that Rick and Marty are too passionate about the whole thing to just simply let it go. They are very eager to find something, and that desire of theirs has been felt throughout the entire show. Also, add to that the fact that they have invested too much up to this point into the endeavor, so there is no reason to back down now.

However, when it comes to The History Channel “No decision has been made yet” on whether the popular show will be getting its next season and apparently the issue will not be discussed in the tonight’s episode either.

Many also think that the brothers could just change the location of the search and try to find the buried treasure elsewhere. All in all, this show deserves to have its closure, and it doesn’t seem right to leave it like this.

Stay tuned to find some more information on the matter.