The Curse of Oak Island – New Episode Released

The Curse of Oak Island delivered a new episode on Jan. 17. It’s titled “About Face” and John Chatterson joined the cast and turned out to be an excellent wreck diver. Will he be the one to find the chest which is allegedly lying at the bottom of 10-x?

We discovered on TV Over Mind that Chatterson was sent in the 40 inch wide, 170 foot deep 10-x in order to find the shiny object in the color of gold, which was seen on the previous dive. Chatterson got back empty-handed from his first trial. Afterward, an O.J.-inspired zinger made by Marty followed: “If the box is gone, we must move on!”

According to celeb Teen Laundry, the next task of the team is to investigate a boulder somewhere near Peggy’s Cove where they are supposed to find the famous Peggy’s Point Lighthouse. What they find was a rock in carved in the shape of a human face 18 foot tall. They had previously found a very similar smaller carved rock on the island.

The face reminds Rick of Prince Henry Sinclair’s face, who is connected to the Golden Menorah and The Ark of the Covenant. Sinclair is said to be highly appreciated within Micmac Indians. This might help the crew in their investigation. Maybe this is the answer they are looking for in the mystery of Oak Island.

There is a legend saying that seven people must die before the mystery of the Oak Island is solved. Until now, six men lost their lives in the last 220 years in the search for the riches. Will there be a seventh man and who might that be?

A problem arises before they are even able to find the solution to the mystery. They don’t have enough money, and they must choose between blowing up the muck on 10-x and digging the third hole in the Money Pit. They can’t agree on one option, and Marty suggests that they go for the 10-x shaft.

Will Dan be the diver to finish what he was supposed to? Will a pirate chest be found? Find out next week in the new episode: ”Presidential Secrets.”