The Curse Of Oak Island: One Of Seven Update

On Tuesday night the audience enjoyed another Season 4 episode of the famous TV show: The Curse Of Oak Island: One Of Seven. If you did not have a chance to catch it, you can make up for a missing chance in the text below.

For those who don’t know, it revolves around two Lagina brothers who are trying to find the buried treasure and thus solve mystery two hundred years old. The location in which they are attempting to dig out the cursed treasure is the coast of Canada.

Four seasons have passed, and yet, famous brothers still haven’t managed to find it. They have invested lots of time, effort and money into the undertaking but it still hasn’t paid off. But that has even made them more firm and determined to finish the whole thing off. Even though the treasure is still somewhere out there, they managed to find many clues and leads along the way.

One of these clues was also a map which held certain coded inscriptions. These inscriptions were decoded with the help of experts. Here is a part of its translation:

“Halt do not hold up

Dig at forty feet with an angle forty N R degree the shaft is five hundred twenty two feet to enter the

rejd or a unmil Isante Cinq Pi Ed Atteinte lacham”

“Even just getting it down there would be a struggle. Gold might be a dense element but 200 tons still takes up a lot of room… so two hundred would require a big cavern to store it all.”

This amount of gold, if translated into dollars would reach the sum of up to $7,960,704,000 or close to eight billion dollars.

And when it comes to the show, there are still no signs of treasure. Even though some time has to pass between filming and airing the episode, we assume that the treasure was still not found because it would probably be immediately published by CNN and MSNBC.

The last episode will re-air on The History Channel some of these days, or you can see it on-demand.