The Curse of Oak Island Season 4 – Can Rick and Marty Solve The Mystery?

During three seasons of The Curse of Oak Island, Rick and Marty have been trying to find the hidden treasure. The Season 4 is currently airing and the start of this season is promising. It caused speculations to circle, and some people believe that the Lagina brothers might discover the gold by the end of this season.

At the end of Season 3, an object that looks like gold was discovered and at the beginning of Season 4 the team came together and reviewed everything they have found so far. Will they solve the mystery and find the 200-year old treasure? Some of the historical artifacts are believed to be buried on the island as well.

Further down the road in the Season 4, some unique things have been discovered. They have focused on the Money Pit where they drilled down to 171 feet, and it dropped to 178 feet. In this pit, they have discovered a gray metal that looks like an Oak Island tiny model. The diver entered the pit, but we will know what he found in the next episode.

In previous episodes, Rick and Marty managed to find, what seems to be, an ancient shipwreck and an all-seeing eye on a rock after they had investigated the well. Are these clues to the treasure? We will find out.

Before Rick and Marty Lagina, various researchers and teams spent so much money in order to unveil the mysteries of the island, but they were unsuccessful. For this season, Nova Scotia Business Inc. approved $1,217,546 which will help them discover the treasure. This substantial amount of money will speed up the entire process as well.

The Curse of Oak Island is not renewed for Season 5, so does this mean that they will find the treasure? Is Season 4 the last one? We will have to wait and see.