Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Expectations

The season 4 of the Curse of Oak Island ended, and the viewers are waiting for the next one to start. The Lagina brothers were trying to find solutions to their problems whereas the expenses are piling up and results are far from expected – the elusive gold hasn’t been found just yet. According to the latest rumors, the show will continue for one more season which is good news for the fans. Here is what we can expect from Rick and Marty in the sequel.

Higher Viewing Numbers

People are waiting for some kind of conclusion so those who watched the show from time to time would like to know whether the Lagina brothers could find the treasure. We need any kind of closure, and the Laginas are ready to give it another go, which means that there is a good possibility for them to find the treasure. And people will watch. The season five is supposed to be the last one, and we expect it to be a huge hit since the previous chapter brought in a record number of viewers.

More Concrete Information

Probably in the first episode of the Curse of Oak Island season 5, Rick and Marty will reveal that this will be their last run for the treasure. The simple reason is that their families have been patient for a long time and there are no results. How long are they willing to wait, when there are no guarantees?

Excitement Growth

With each and every episode, the excitement will grow. The Lagina brothers are expected to find more clues, and they will realize that they are on something huge. However, there will be some setbacks that will also be big, but that is the fun part for the fans, right? Whatever happens, we will be there, supporting them to fulfill their destiny.

Treasure Revelation

It all comes down to this. Rick and Marty Lagina find the old treasure. The newspapers write about it. The thrill is through the roof, and we watch that in follow-up episodes. A perfect ending.

These are just our speculations, and we are waiting for the official confirmation that Curse of Oak Island is returning. Follow us for more details.