Dean Ambrose Speaks About His Move To Raw

If you ask the fans which show was better between the Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live since the brand split happened, there is no doubt that the majority of the people would give their vote to the blue brand. The talent has been used much better, everybody has their role and gets the time to shine.


From the guy at the top of the food chain to the guys at the bottom, Smackdown superstars are being utilized. The talent that is there right now loves the fact that they are on the blue brand. The atmosphere seems much better, everybody gets their shot, and nobody is left out. The same can’t be said for Monday Night Raw. The most recent example of someone that is unhappy on the red brand is Nia Jax that took a shot at the flagship show just a couple of days ago.

This girl isn’t alone as another superstar that WAS moved from the Land of the Opportunity to Monday nights is Dean Ambrose. He stated that he liked being on SD live, that it was one of the most fun periods of his career. This wrestler didn’t hide the fact that he was a bit surprised and disappointed about the move in his recent interview. Here is what he had to say.


“It’s a little weird. I was very getting used to Smackdown. I did not expect to be switched. I heard there were going to be some people switched and I was like ‘that’s not going to be me’. I was in Utah and I was going to be there until Sunday or whatever and I got a call that I had to leave and fly in early to do Raw. I was like, ‘I’m going to Raw? No way!’ Like I thought I was this SmackDown guy and no.”