MP3 Heads To The Music Graveyard

The creators of the format mainly used for music storage and transport have announced that it has become completely useless, so they withdrew the permission for the future MP3 use. MP3 popularized numerous music players such as Apple’s iPod, and it became one of the greatest inventions that came from this company.

This format has been used for more than 20 years, but the German Research Institute that has the license rights to MP3 has decided to allow no one to use it further. In other words, new devices and streaming services will not operate on this format, and although MP3 is still popular, the institute heads say that there are “a lot more efficient audio formats.”

And that is indeed correct, because these new devices have support for formats such as advanced audio-coding (AAC), which is used on iTunes and YouTube, but there are also plans for MPEG-H. The new audio standard should bring more efficient data storage systems and 3D audio. The creators of the MP3 said: “They have more options and a sound of a far greater quality with fewer bits than MP3.”


The MP3 format was developed in the early 1990s, and it has since become a standard type for online music download. Although its initial purpose was music signal transport through phone lines, a team that consisted of six scientists created MP3 which was used on a large scale. Later, it became popular for the music players such as iPad, when the device debuted in 2001. That specific way of “packaging” the music reduced the size of the files for up to 10 percent, which was a revolutionary step forward.

At the same time, the MP3 started to be used on various websites, but because of it, the internet saw the increase in illegal actions taken.