She was so obese that she could not breathe: Today, every man turns after her while her husband left her for THIS THING

When Laura Perez first appeared on television, she was two hundred seventy kilograms heavy. Due to the enormous weight she had at the time, she was entirely dependent on her husband’s help – from moving in a wheelchair to the intimate hygiene assistance.

She regularly carried with her a bottle of oxygen which enabled her to breathe properly. After some time, she signed up for the show My 600-lb Life. It was then that her husband Joey said that he found it very hard to be obliged to do everything for her. He started to feel pressure. However, as her kilograms began to melt away and Laura became more and more independent, Joey started to feel as a surplus and probably lonelier than ever.

In the first round, the amazing Laura lost as many as 136 kilograms which was absolutely fantastic. But luckily, she did not stop there. She remained strong in her decision, and her pounds were decreasing rapidly.

What followed as a surprise is the fact that her marriage began to fall apart after she lost her weight. As surprising as it may sound, this is what actually happened.

Joey did not want for Laura to find a job and begin to earn money, but viewers have noticed and that he is becoming increasingly uncertain and unconfident about himself. Although they have not officially confirmed the divorce, on her Facebook page there are no more pictures with her husband, which can be seen and interpreted as a signal that they split up.

And that’s how a real phenomenon occurred – her husband left her after she managed to dramatically reduce weight and more importantly, finally become independent. And this is a sign of his weakness. Laura is an employed woman today, she looks absolutely great and judging by her paintings, she is happier than ever.