Tips for Making Your Eyes Look Bigger

How many times did you wish for bigger and more expressive eyes? It doesn’t matter if you have naturally small eyes or you wake up every morning with swollen eyelids – either way, you would do anything to make your eyes look bigger, wouldn’t you? What if we told you that you could do that? Take a look at the following ten ways of making your eyes look the way you’ve always dreamed so that you can feel more comfortable and confident.

1. The first thing that can help you deal with swollen eyes is tea. You can put cold tea bags on your eyes and keep them for several minutes and, believe us, you’ll be surprised to see the difference. The thing is, tea contains tannin, a substance which tightens your skin and as a result, your eyes look bigger.


2. When you wear makeup, don’t forget to apply bold eyeliner, emphasizing the inner part of your upper lid. Not only will your eyes look bigger, but your eyelashes will look fuller, as well.

3. Speaking of eyeliner, don’t forget about liquid and gel liners. Try which one works better for you (gel liner might be easier to apply) and use it regularly.


4. Another thing that you should always keep in your purse is eyelash curler. Once you get your lashes to look long and full, your eyes will look bigger, too.
If you do not know where to get these products, you may check on the Internet for brands like Paris Lash Academy who has a wide selection of items. They will have the complete package for you especially if you want to step up your eyelash styling routine.

5. When it comes to eyeshadow, we believe you have already heard that you should use white eyeshadow to make your eyes look bigger, but that’s not really always the best choice. We suggest using peach shadow, instead. Try it, and you’ll see for yourself.

6. As for the black and other dark eyeshadows, try to avoid them. Stick to those shades that compliment your skin tone, and you’re good to go.

7. While we’re still talking about eyeshadows, we should also mention that you could use two different shades of the same color and you can be sure you’ll create the effect of big eyes.

8. Besides the tea, you can also use ice or Adhesive eye therapy pads, and your eyes will look more expressive.

9. Perhaps you haven’t thought about this, but you should know that your eyebrows can affect the way your eyes look to a great extent. Groom them well, and you’ll see you get an instant big-eyes effect. It’s best if you brush them upwards.

10. Finally, make sure you cover the dark circles around your eyes and when doing that, don’t forget to use a lighter shade than your foundation.