The Curse of Oak Island Season 5: What is happening to Laginas?!

Numerous fans of the popular show The Curse of Oak Island are still waiting for an official renewal statement of the Season 5. There has been no official word for a long time, and there are speculations circulating the Internet about the possible shutdown. Why are Rick and Marty Lagina keeping us wondering? Are we going to see a Season 5?

Lagina brothers took upon themselves the challenge to reveal the Money Pit mystery and find the hidden treasure. We have been watching them from the beginning, but now we don’t know whether we will see them again since three months have passed since the Season 4 finale and there has been no word on the upcoming season. We tried asking the History Network, but there was no answer. No one knows whether there will be a sequel.

Because of that many are speculating that something is keeping Lagina brothers from doing their job. Is something stopping them from making the Season 5? Are they just scared?!


We don’t quite believe in this theory, but there is a real possibility that Laginas fear death. There are stories about the island being cursed, and one can never know what’s true and what’s not. Even the official website says so. On top of that, there is an old prophecy that says ‘7 will die before the treasure is found.’ Creepy, right? We finished watching the season 4, and we cannot say that we weren’t disappointed. There were no major revelations. But that only perpetuated more interest and hype about the continuation of the story.


In order to find the long lost hidden treasure and debunk a 200 years old mystery one has to spend a lot of money. Well, Laginas have already spent tons of cash to get access to the land. And it goes without saying that there are many other things that need to be paid.

Brothers have spent around $3 million and $5 million in the previous season alone according to Kevin Burns, series creator and executive producer. He added ‘They only had enough money this year to dig two big holes in the money pit site.’

This might mean that Lagina brothers are actually struggling when it comes to money. The Season 5 might need even more cash. And there is no guarantee that they will find anything. Digging deep into the island is a risky business, it doesn’t necessarily pay off.


We’ve already said it, and we’ll say it again, one of the possible reasons why there is no word on the Season 5 is that there may actually not be any treasure on the island. If that proves to be the truth, then the whole show simply loses its meaning. ‘Do I think there’s more of the story to tell beyond this season? Yes. I think you could do 10 years on this show and you could find lots of things and lots of treasure, and I would still not be convinced that’s all there is to the story’ said Burns.

What do you guys think about this? Would you like to see another season of the show? Do you want Lagina brothers to continue their search? Let us know in the comments section below!