Are The Cowboys Happy With Their Backup QB?

Last year, the Dallas Cowboys had a perfect combination of a starting quarterback and a backup quarterback. Dak Prescott was their go-to guy while Tony Romo was the one sitting on the bench, ready to get in if something had happened to their rookie sensation. Jerry Jones has stated that they have a beautiful problem at quarterback as it is a good problem to have. Many teams don’t have a starting-caliber signal caller on their roster while the ‘Boys had two.

Of course, that wasn’t going to last as Tony Romo was earning way too much money for sitting on the pine. They needed to make him a starter or move him out of the way so their cap space can get a breather. Romo retired, so that helped out the Cowboys big-time when it comes to the additional money that they had on their hands. Still, that means security blanket at the QB position was gone.


Now, Kellen Moore is going to be the one backing up Prescott. We know that the Dallas Cowboys had a lot of trouble when Romo was down in the previous seasons as nobody was able to do a decent job when he went out with injuries. The question is whether or not Moore is going to be able to do that if Prescott for some reason has to take few weeks off. Here is what Cowboys offensive coordinator thinks about their new backup.

“He has been in my room for a lot of years,” Linehan said. “He knows the system. He is one of those guys who can function without a lot of reps. He is a great feel player. That is a great thing for backups. He works so hard mentally. He’s such a good feel for the game physically. He doesn’t really need to have a huge amount of reps to be comfortable playing the position and executing plays.”