The Curse Of Oak Island Season 5 – Huge Machines Coming To Island

Finally, we have great news for all fans of The Curse Of Oak Island as it seems that the crew will continue with digging on the location. A large number of trucks have been spotted coming to the island, and one of the machines that were delivered is a massive 300-ton crane.

Many trucks were transporting big metal pipes, mobile drill machine, rollers, air compressors, bulldozers, excavators and similar. All this was filmed by crew members that were, among other things, using a drone with a camera. Now it is clear that the team has planned a big dig project at the Money Pit pointing out in a direction that the season 5 is on the way.

Karen Publicover, one of the owners of the property that is located across the causeway from Oak Island, reported big moves on the island. Equipment started arriving early last week when the enormous crane was delivered. When you need something big like this one you certainly mean business, and there might be something huge buried on location.

Additional information about The Curse Of Oak Island says that the well drilling firm was dispatched to the site earlier this year and that they were drilling almost entire summer. It is said that the company drilled holes in a grid pattern and that it was done all around the Money Pit area.

Equipment that was used for smaller holes was then removed to make a place for big machines that were delivered in the past few days. It is interesting to note that the team is working during the night also and that they placed big lights all over the place.

In the last few months, Karen has been regularly reporting on happenings regarding the island and fans can thank her for all the updates she delivered. Some additional shooting was done during the summer, and she stated that crews were filming near her house.

While there still hasn’t been any official announcements by the History Channel regarding the continuation of the story related to this famous island it all points in the direction that The Curse Of Oak Island season 5 is on the way. We do not have a release date for this show, but when everything is combined together, it really looks like more episodes are being prepared.