WWE Bringing Back Big Pay Per View Name


The names of the pay per views that WWE produces always include some strong and big words that should attract the fans to check out what kind of action is going on in the wrestling ring. Names like “Payback” or “No Mercy” are always something that the company is looking for when they are seeking to create their new PPV event. When they did the brand split last year, new names have surfaced here and there.

We had “Great Balls of Fire” pay per view for the first time ever this July where Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar faced off in the main event. But, names like “Backlash” and “No Mercy” have made their return once the brand split happened and the WWE started producing more PPVs than they did before.

Now, they are going to bring back a really old, but truly popular pay per view name. Back in the day when WWF and WCW were battling, we know that Wrestlemania was the go-to pay per view for Vince’s company. On the other hand, WCW had Starrcade.


Since Vince has bought the WCW and all of their stars came to work for the WWF (now WWE), Vince also has the rights to all of their content. The name Starrcade and the other names of WCW’s former PPV names are also in possession of his company, and they are free to use them.

That is why WWE is going to bring back Starrcade this fall, on November 25th. It seems that this might not be a real PPV but a special event that WWE produces from time to time. There aren’t a lot of information about this right now, but more should be known about the show as November 25th approaches.