WWE Hall Of Famer Has Huge Praise For Owens/Vince Segment


There has been a lot of praise for the writers, Kevin Owens and Vince McMahon after the segment that they had last week on Smackdown Live when KO attacked the CEO and the Chairman of the company. It was something that made Kevin Owens a big deal on the WWE TV yet again and has now positioned him as one of the top guys. When we talk about the biggest stars in the WWE, Owens’ name will come up.

When Vince McMahon is involved in a segment on WWE TV, you know that something is about to go down. The guy that he is in a ring with or involved with is for sure going to be a big deal. He is the guy that Vince and the higher-ups believe in. One of the guys that always played a similar role to the one that Kevin Owens is in right now is WWE Hall Of Famer – Edge.


Being a heel is what Edge did best. He has been known as the guy that did everything that was needed in order for him to gain an advantage. At the back-end of his career, the fans respected him for how good of a heel he actually was and how good of a job he did when he was a villain. Now, he has spoken about Owens and the segment that happened last week.

“Hell of a headbutt. I didn’t see that one coming. Yeah, yep. So here’s the thing – they built it throughout the show, which was great. And it seems like they’re pulling the trigger on Owens. Like, properly now, not that he, I mean, he has held almost every title in the company already, he has basically been the champion the entire time he has been there, but I mean, this, this is a next level type of thing.”