The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 – Will It Happen?

History Channel still hasn’t confirmed The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 and Lagina brothers are also quiet about the new season. The main reason why this is happening is the lack of interest of everyone including both the network and the fans.

The Lagina brothers have been unable to find the hidden treasure in the so-called Money Pit, and so many people have started to believe that there isn’t a treasure buried there at all. Oak Island is located in Nova Scotia near the coast of Canada, and there are so many theories surrounding the treasure and this location.

The Curse of Oak Island has had four seasons, ten episodes each so far and each season was quite expensive to film. However, money invested is never an issue if the ratings are high and the audience loves the show. The problem with this series is its slow pace and the fact that Rick and Marty have been unable to make any major discoveries.

They did manage to find some smaller things such as coins, military paraphernalia from the 17th century, but they have spent too much time only to find these insignificant objects. Also, there are some stories which do not connect to the period of the treasure or that are unrelated to it. However, everyone benefits from using the rumor about the treasure and stretching the show as much as possible. This is why Season 5 may not air at all, and the Laginas are aware of it.

Marie Antoinette and Oak Island Connection

Marie Antoinette was an Austrian princess who got married to a French prince, and she was known for her lavish lifestyle. They were both beheaded during the revolution in France, and according to the legend, she gave all of her gold to a maid who sailed to North America. This is the treasure supposedly located in the money pit, but that is just one of the theories.