Customize Funeral Program Templates

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Custom funeral program templates are types of templates that are created based on your personal specifications. They are used for, as the name suggests, funeral programs to celebrate the life of the deceased in your own preferred way. Custom funeral program templates replace the standard presets of fonts, images, and captions, and you can use virtually anything you want. It’s a useful way to make a funeral program unique and personal for the deceased. By customizing the funeral program with elements of the deceased and the family members, you are reflecting on your loved one’s life in the desired style and taste.

A lot of funeral companies offer custom program designs, but they can be rather expensive. So instead of paying for it, why not edit the funeral program yourself?

What Elements Can You Use in Funeral Programs?

There are many options you can use to create the best possible customized funeral program. Various elements can be changed or added to make the funeral program as unique as you can. Below we will explain all the elements that you can change to make the funeral program special and unique to the deceased.

•    Photos

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Probably the best element in a funeral program that helps give the program a customized feel and look are photos. For this element, you can eighter use family photos or photos of the deceased. Any photo you wish to use can be cropped, resized, color corrected, and more. You can even put a bunch of photos together and create a college, and you can even frame it. The deceased’s life should be celebrated, and photos help do just that.

•    Fonts

Customize the funeral program with the font size, color, and style of your choosing. This one is pretty straightforward and it’s based on personal preference. Except in the case where the deceased had a favorite font type, this one solely relies on preference.

•    Layouts and Size

Custom funeral programs also allow you to choose the size of the funeral program, according to QuickFuneral. You can choose from a variety of options such as bifold, trifold, step, or graduated folds. You also have various orientations and paper sizes that help make the funeral program as unique as possible.

•    Background Images

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This should go under the photos section, but many people choose a background image for their customized funeral program. The background image in question can be anything you want, from a picture of the deceased, a family photo, a picture of nature and flowers, a patriotic picture, anything you want can be used as a background image. Background images, the same as photos, are used to give the funeral program a unique and personal look.

•    Personal Notes, Quotes, Poems, etc

A lot of families prefer to use this type of element to give the funeral program a sentimental touch. By putting a personal note, quote, or even a poem, you are helping capture the spirit of the deceased in a personal and unique way. Notes, quotes, and poems also help convey the deep and personal feelings of family and friends toward the loved one.