Cyclist Jeremy Santucci Breaks his Bike in Half

The cyclist, Jeremy Santucci, smashed his bike in Half after the crash.

He was competing in the Red Hook Criterium in Milan, Italy, but unfortunately, there was a big crash which involved many cyclists and Santucci couldn’t avoid it. He posted a video on Instagram so you can see how the crash had occurred.

According to Santucci, he reached the speed of 38mph when he hit the wall. Luckily, he didn’t suffer any serious injury, but it was clearly seen that he was frustrated. He was limping with his bike in his hands for a while, but he was so furious that he slammed the bike to the ground. An already damaged bicycle just snapped in two.

As we find out in order to compete in this race Santucci borrowed the bike from a friend. After he managed to calm down he posted his apology on Instagram.

He said: “I would like to publicly apologize for my unsportsmanlike conduct. The bike was totalled before the toss and I was lucky to walk away alive, my emotions were running high and I was not in my present mind. I gave my friend my whole complete bike to help make this right.”