Google Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus – Which one is better?

In this article, we will compare Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus.

If you are buying a new modern phone in 2016, the choice comes down to Android phones or Apple’s iOS. Both operating systems have benefits and drawbacks, but which one is better?

Google Pixel XL is specific because it comes with the advanced version of Android which is called “Nougat”. Moreover, this smartphone will be on the market on October 20th which means that you can buy it very soon.

Hardware and specs

Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus come with a 5.5-inch screen, but the trick is that the resolution on iPhone is 1080p whereas Pixel XL reaches 1440p. Another edge the Pixel XL has is RAM – it boasts with 4GB of RAM, comparing to 3GB of RAM the iPhone has.

Fingerprint scanners are a feature of both phones and the only difference is that iPhone put it on the front and Pixel on the back.

However, iPhone has for the first time installed a dual-lens camera, which is great for the ones who love to make a lot of photos. You will get high-quality pictures because of the high dynamic range and optical zoom. We still need to see what a camera on Pixel can do.

Usability and features

When it comes to using your smartphone many aspects are identical. For instance, you can access shortcuts quickly by swiping up or down on your home screen. Voice enabled assistants are available on both phones – on Google, it is called Google Now and on iPhone, it goes under the name of Siri. Both phones allow you to pay in store for groceries using your fingerprints scanners.

Furthermore, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram are available on both phones, whereas other applications are similar. For example, FaceTime resembles Google Duo.

Dual-lens camera is definitely the biggest advantage of iPhone 7 Plus. The biggest advantage of Google Pixel would be a newly designed messaging application called Allo.

Also, a 3.5mm headphone jack exists on the Pixel, but it is up to you to decide whether this is an advantage or disadvantage.


The iPhone 7 Plus that has a 2,900mAh battery andThe Pixel XL is equipped with the 3,450mAh battery. However, we don’t know how long the battery lasts on the Pixel XL. Although Apple said that iOS 10 will upgrade battery life, many complain how that is not the case.


32GB model of Google Pixel XL cost £719 and the 128GB version is £819. iPhone 7 Plus also starts at £719 for the 32GB version.

Which smartphone is better?

Well, that depends on what you want from a phone. If you are looking for a phone that is easy to use and with which you can take high-quality pictures then iPhone 7 Plus is the choice. In the case of the Apple’s phone, you will be paying more for privilege, but the quality is guaranteed. On the other hand, Google Pixel XL will probably have a longer battery life and it has more power.

What do you think?