Dak Prescott – The Best Contract In The NFL?


Tony Romo was a good NFL quarterback. The fact of the matter is that the Dallas Cowboys had two starting-caliber signal callers on their squad a year ago. They have struggled to find that second quarterback to be ready to play and deliver if the starter gets hurt, but they had that last year. So, why did they look to move on from Tony Romo when he was their security blanket?

The answer is pretty simple and obvious – he was way too expensive. The Cowboys just couldn’t afford that guy with the massive salary to be their backup, plus, naturally, he wanted to play and not to sit on the bench. Even as a starter, the cap hit was huge, but it was worth since he was the leader of the franchise. Now that he was replaced, there was no point in him being on the salary list.


On the other hand, a player that replaced him and a player that won rookie of the year was a fourth rounder. He plays the most important position in all of the football and yet he is nowhere near at the top of the list when it comes to salaries. In fact, he is probably going to be in the top 3 when it comes to the least paid starting QBs in the NFL.

For under one million dollars a year, the Dallas Cowboys have somebody that they can trust, that they know will not make many mistakes and will most likely make big plays when the squad needs him to do that. A great contract for the team and probably one of the best in the NFL. It will be interesting to see what he will be offered by the franchise when his deal comes on the table for a renew.