Dallas Cowboys: Wide Receiver Situation Going Into 2017


When it comes to wideouts for the Dallas Cowboys, we know that the number one man at that position for this team is Dez Bryant. He is their go-to man and their best player at that position. It is true that he is not as good as he used to be, but that is probably because of all those injuries that sidelined him and caused him to miss a lot of the games.

When he was on the field later in the season, he has shown those flashes of his old self as the was able to torture the Green Bay Packers in that final match of the year. There is no doubt that he can still be good in the NFL, it is just about him being healthy and staying on the field.


Terrance Williams is another guy that Dak Prescott counts on to get open and catch some balls. Yes, he did make that big mistake in Week 1 against the Giants when he didn’t run out of bounds. Still, people were criticizing him for that all season long and didn’t really see that this guy always finds a way to contribute. For the last two years, he has been a solid option for Dallas and can be really good this upcoming season.

Cole Beasley is always a man that Cowboys can count on to catch some passes after lining up in the slot. He is a great weapon to have in the red zone, and Dallas is glad to have him. You can’t sleep on Brice Butler as well, so the Dallas Cowboys have some nice guys at the wide receiver position that are more than capable of doing a good job.