Is Dak Prescott Better Thank Derek Carr?

Two young quarterbacks, that had a lot of hype surrounding them last season were Dak Prescott of the Dallas Cowboys and Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders. Both of them have led their team to an amazing record in 2016, and both of those teams surprised a lot of people last season. Now, they are considered to be contenders, and a lot will be expected of both franchises just like out of their star quarterbacks.

Dak Prescott was ranked 14th best player in the NFL going into the season by the’s annual player rankings. That is just 3 spots below Derek Carr who is going into the season as the 11th best player in the NFL. But, should that be the case? Is Prescott actually better than Derek Carr?

In our opinion, Oakland Raiders quarterback is still a bit better than Dak Prescott. The Cowboys had an amazing season behind the running game of Ezekiel Elliot and calm and smart passing from Prescott. But, at this stage of his career, Dak is just not the playmaker and a passer that Derek Carr is right now.

Carr was under a lot more pressure to make plays for his team as they leaned on him to do that every single game. He was the bigger risk taker as he didn’t have that massive offensive line that is going to block for him and that all-world running back that is going to take a lot of pressure off of him. Still, he managed to throw the ball better than Dak Prescott and to make more explosive plays with just a bit more mistakes than the Dallas’ quarterback.

Dallas has a good player on their hand, but he is still not better than Derek Carr.