Lucky Whitehead Wants To Clear His Name

Lucky Whitehead wasn’t so lucky at the beginning of the NFL training camp. Now former Cowboys wide receiver was reportedly arrested on Sunday, and the team immediately cut him from the roster as they didn’t want any trouble or distraction around their players at the start of the preparations for the new season. It turned out that the police made a mistake and that the man arrested wasn’t Lucky Whitehead as he was nowhere near Virginia, the place where the accident happened.

Even though he had nothing to do with this situation, the Cowboys didn’t give him a second chance as they stated that this cut was “a culmination of things over a period of time.” Dallas has no plans of signing him again and bringing him back to their camp probably because he wasn’t a strong candidate to make the team anyway as they had guys that they liked better than Lucky.

Still, Whitehead is going to try to move on and hope to land on another squad that will give him a fair shot at making the team and playing in the NFL that he believes he deserves. This guy also just wanted to clear his name going forward.

“I just wanted some time to clear my name. I think I deserve that a little bit. It was just unfortunate how it all happened. I wish I got a chance to clear my name up.”

Ryan Switzer was supposed to be the one fighting with Lucky Whitehead in the training camp, and he was a big favorite to land on the final 53-man squad over Whitehead. Now, he will almost surely make the roster.