Dak Prescott displays leadership at drills! Should he be the captain?


Loud reminder followed a simple pass caught by tight end M.J. McFarland last week down at the field in Frisco, Texas!

However, it was neither Jason Garrett, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys who shouted it, nor Steve Loney, the tight ends coach. It came straight from Dak Prescott.

Prescott advised his teammate to ‘tuck’ the ball (secure it) as he ran down the field to prepare himself for the next snap.


More responsibility is being put on Prescott since this is his second season as the Cowboys’ starting quarterback. The Cowboys’ system has new additions thanks to Linehan just as Dak becomes better in all areas thanks to his experience. Prescott has also been asked to take ownership of the team.

Exactly one year ago at this time, this guy was learning how to take snaps from center and split time as the third-team quarterback with Jameill Showers. During his first organized activity as a rookie, he took two snaps in drills. Last Wednesday he took five out of twelve snaps in team drills with Kellen Moore taking only three. He was followed by Austin Appleby with two and Cooper Rush with one.

Prescott said, “I guess just being more outspoken.” He then added. “But just the way I handle my business, the way I go about every day, I don’t think much has changed. Just the fact that now when I say things, people are listening, and I have the floor to say things now. Last year, I was just being quiet and trying to fit my way in somehow or another.”

In 2016 he managed to set 19 team rookie quarterback records. Thanks to 13 wins he tied an NFL rookie record. But still, Dak says that he can be at least ‘100% better’ at everything he does for the team.

He continued “Mentally, I think as a quarterback and pretty much at every position, the No. 1 way to get better is the number of reps and just me having a good bit of those this offseason, I think it’s going to allow me to get better with my footwork, get better at the reads, get better going through things faster and being more accurate every day.”

Prescott kept his head cool after earning the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award owing to his 23-touchdown season where Dallas set the best record in the NFC. Not being caught up in the success is a great achievement and especially so when you are a rookie.


This guy was approached from various sponsors such as Pepsi, Adidas, and Beats By Dre but that didn’t stop him from working out in Orlando, Florida during his off-season. He was accompanied by a strength guru Tom Shaw who prepared him for the draft last year.

Prescott didn’t miss a day since rejoining the team in early March for the captains workouts. His figures also improved when it comes to vertical jump, bench press, a 20-yard sprint and flexibility and a three-cone drill. Numbers from each category improved which is a great success for this ambitious player.

Quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson commented: “He’s not resting on anything that went on last year.”

The only thing he missed from his days at Mississippi State was a snap from center skill. He took a week to master it and even though he was a fourth-round pick when Romo and Moore went down with injuries he stepped in and proved that he was ready.

Dak is making final preparations for the encore before his second season.

Garret said: “He is trying to get himself ready for every opportunity he has, as quarterback, in the meeting room, walk-through, practice, games, in the weight room. He is just one of those guys, and he is a great example for a coach to use with the other players on the team. They naturally follow him. They naturally see how he goes about everything, how ready he is for the chances that he does get.”

Dak’s teammates will surely see how much effort he has been putting in and there is no doubt that it will pressure them into bettering themselves. Prescott is known to be someone who takes responsibility for his mistakes and therefore his teammates will accept criticism coming from him. That’s why McFarland should be pleased to hear such instructions from Dak.