Noragami Season 3 2017 Premiere Date & Latest News

Based on Japanese manga series of the same title, Noragami is one of the highly popular anime adaptations which managed to keep the fans interested over the first two seasons, and now they are getting impatient to hear something about Season 3. The first season brought 12 episodes, and it aired in 2014, while the second one had one episode more and it was delivered the very next year, in October 2015. Following this release pattern, many people expected Bones studio to release the next batch of episodes in 2016, but, unfortunately, they failed to do so.

Since the anime has followed the storyline of the manga version it is based on so far, we expect that this won’t change in the future. We have found out that the first two seasons covered the first 38 chapters of the manga, which means there is enough material for the upcoming entry, as there are 18 volumes and 71 chapters of the manga at the moment.

Noragami Season 3 Spoilers

When it comes to the specific details about the plot, not much has been revealed. What we know is that Elder Gods will disapprove of Yato’s relationship with Hiyori. What’s even more important, you will get to see who was the mystery man who kissed Hiyori – no matter how unexpected it might be, the third season will confirm that it was Yato’s father who gave Hiyori a kiss. In addition to this, the upcoming sequel will bring more details about Yato’s past. Actually, it has been said that all his dark secrets will be revealed in the episodes to come.

Noragami Season 3 Premiere Date

As for the exact release date, unfortunately, there has been no official announcement yet. There are some speculations which suggest we could expect Season 3 to see the light of day by the end of this year, but we still don’t know whether this is a likely scenario or not. We do promise we’ll keep you updated, so stay tuned for more details.