Dak Prescott Makes A Strong Case For Cowboys Starter Over Romo In Week 9


Romo’s return is inevitable. Nobody really knows who are the Cowboys going to pick to start at quarterback when Tony returns. The only thing we know is that Dak Prescott’s case to remain behind center when Romo gets back is getting stronger with each passing week.

His performance against the Eagles wasn’t as good as he played in the past, but he led the team in overtime. Then, he followed that up in Cleveland as he went 21/27 for 247 passing yards and three touchdowns. Not a bad day at the office for a young rookie.

He was so good in this game that Garrett decided that he has seen enough and that he earned some rest. He benched him in the fourth quarter as the Cowboys already secured the win at that point. Mark Sanchez got into the game and finished the Browns off.

Romo is going to return, but Dak Prescott is doing everything that he needs to do in order to keep him on the sidelines when he suits up to play. Dallas has a tough decision to make in coming weeks, and with each performance, Prescott is making that choice even harder.


Most of the people believe that Dak Prescott should remain a starter, but the love that Jerry Jones has for Tony Romo is well known and documented. Will that fact alone be enough to cloud Jones’ judgment or will he make a smart football decision? We are yet to see what is going to happen.