Stafford Strikes Down Vikings With Clutch Overtime Touchdown

Matthew Stafford has done a lot for this Lions team. He is the reason this squad is still in the conversation for the divisional crown. Stafford alone is the reason Lions are relevant when nobody really thought they would be. And yes, this QB was the reason that Lions pulled off an upset in Minnesota.

Let’s first give the credit to Matt Prater. In day and age when kickers are missing easy chip shots in the clutch, this dude stepped to split the uprights on a 58-yard game-tying field goal. If he didn’t make it, this article would have looked much different than it does now.

Stafford repaid him and his whole team with a beautiful 28-yard hookup with Golden Tate. It was the final play of the game as Tate got into the end zone and quieted the crowd in Minny.

Lions’ signal caller went 23/36 for 219 passing yards and two touchdowns with one pick. It wasn’t a perfect performance from Stafford, but he and his teammates showed up when they needed most.

Minnesota is clearly struggling as this is their third straight game that they dropped. Just a couple of weeks ago we were talking about them as one of the best teams in the NFL and maybe even Super Bowl contenders.

Few rounds later, they definitely don’t look like one of the best teams in the division. As a matter of fact, Lions might be the best in the NFC North. There are also the Green Bay Packers that will have something to do with how this division plays out. One thing is certain this group will go down to the wire, and we will have a resolution in final rounds of the season.