Dak Prescott Makes A Statement On Tony Romo And His Future


One of the biggest storylines of the year was Dak Prescott and the QB controversy in Dallas with him and Tony Romo. After veteran quarterback had suffered an injury in the preseason, Prescott stepped up as his backup but ended up taking Romo’s job for the whole season. Now, a lot of rumors about Tony’s future are surfacing, but Dak Prescott can’t imagine him in another uniform.

“Whatever makes him happy,” Prescott answered when he was asked about the future of Tony Romo with the Dallas Cowboys. “If he wants to play, he still got another year, couple years in him, then I want to see him end up in Denver, or on a good team, a team that adding him makes that much better. But to me he’s a Cowboy, it’d be hard to see him in a different uniform.”


It is funny that Dak Prescott mentioned Denver as all of the Cowboys’ players were kind of instructed to say Broncos when they are being questioned about Tony Romo. It seems that Denver is the politically correct answer that Dallas’ players have been forced to give all season long. Eventually, they will have to think about themselves and moving on from Romo as he is just not worth the price if he is sitting on the bench.

Denver is obviously a good choice for Romo if they get that offensive line fixed. But, the Broncos also need to make some big decisions as they do need to re-evaluate their quarterback situation and make a decision on whether or not they need to add another one or if they already have the player on their roster for that position that represents the future of this franchise.