Dallas Cowboys 1-2 – Who Is To Blame?


If you have watched three games that Cowboys played you might not be able to pinpoint that one guy to blame for the appalling performance. It would be great if we could say that there is one man to blame, but that is not the case here, at least that’s what we think.

Okay, but who is to be blamed for 1-2, and what is even worse, that far from inspiring performance our team showed?

Many will say that it’s Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and Scott Linehan to be blamed, but is it? Were they on the field? Nope, not really, its players that were on the field that should be criticized. We do agree that some of the blame goes to three people we already mentioned, and that entire Cowboys organization isn’t helping with this matter.


NFL is a big business, and for most teams, it is a lot easier to try and change coaching staff and see what happens before they decide to revamp the entire roster. Would that help? New coach, new offensive coordinator? Yes, probably it would. It was clear that playcalling by Linehan wasn’t ideal and didn’t help Prescott and his team, but no matter how bad playcalling is, if you are elite, you will be able to execute and produce.

Dak clearly didn’t manage to connect on at least a few occasions when he needed to and some other QBs would. Yes, he was under constant pressure, but so are the other guys in his position, but he simply needs to improve his accuracy, and that is what he also admitted. We can agree that it’s not only him to be blamed, but we need to see him recover and connect in crucial moments and for big gains. We need Prescott from his first season.

One thing that young QB didn’t have in abundance was the wide open receivers. In the last few games, we saw quite good defenses of the opposing teams, but this can be also attributed to the fact that guys that Prescott should target simply can’t outrun their guards and get open enough for Dak to have an easy task hitting them.

It is simple. It all starts with QB, and you can give him a ton of time for a pass, and he won’t hit his target if he is not accurate. This is not the case with Prescott, he proved before that he can be precise, but the problem here is that he needs more targets and a little bit more security behind that offensive line that once was elite and impenetrable.


There is still time for this team, but the issue here is that all those things need to fall in line for them to work. Everything should be amped for one or two levels. Coaches need to better choose actions, Prescott to be more precise, he needs more protection from his O-line and receivers to be more reliable and open for him.