There Will Be No Major Changes On Dallas Cowboys Offense According To Jason Garrett

When you hear the fact that the Dallas Cowboys scored only 41 points in three matches and that is the lowest number all the way back from 1990, you can agree that things can be better. On top of that, even the team is at 1-2 we could see them play and not many can say that there are signs that The Boys will improve.

While fans would fire most of the coaching personnel, and probably prevent Jerry Jones from interfering as much he did, Jason Garrett speaks about not planning any major changes. Hopefully, that’s not true. We do understand that even if you want to bring in some fresh blood when it comes to coaches, you wouldn’t want to talk about that all that much and risk destroying chemistry you have, even if it is not at the highest level. But Garrett suggested that there will be no changes in playcalling and that Scott Linehan’s position is secured.

“I think it would be false for me to say this is about playcalling,” Garrett stated. “This is about everything we’re doing offensively, we have to do better. We have to coach better. We have to play better. We have to run it better. We have to throw it better. We have to protect better. We have to do all the things good offenses do and we have to do all of those things better.”

During these three weeks, we could hear Garrett defending Linehan two times who got his job as a playcaller in 2014. With three games behind them, it is sad to say that we saw only four TDs and that there were four teams that managed to beat that solely in their Week 3 clashes. Prescott is far from the guy that we saw two years ago, and he had less than 200 yards in last nine of 11 games.

From 2007 to 2012, Garrett was a playcaller of the squad, but he is not planning on interfering. Here is what he said: “We’re not going to go down that road right now. I have a lot of confidence in Scott Linehan. He’s been an outstanding coordinator in this league for a long time. He’s been an outstanding coordinator for us. And he’s been an outstanding playcaller for us. What we need to do is get better on offense and we have to constantly look at ourselves as coaches first at the positions we’re putting our players in with our game plans.

Should Jason Garrett think more about some additional changes? What would you change? GM? Coach? Offensive coordinator? Roster?