Dallas Cowboys Are Bringing Back One of Their Own

The Dallas Cowboys started making moves in free agency. It was about time they do. They’re currently trying to sign two outside free agents. But, this doesn’t mean they are not still focused on bringing back some of their own.

Both of the two new players are offensive linemen. The players in question are Cameron Fleming and Marcus Martin. The one they are trying to resign and was part of the team in 2017 is Joe Looney. Cowboys front office wants to get all three deals done by the end of Monday.

Joe Looney didn’t start any games for America’s Team in 2017, but he appeared in all of them to some extent. He’s also the veteran presence they need on the O-line. In addition to the positive effect he has on the locker room Looney also can play on all three interior line positions. Joe is also their man on the Jumbo Package when an O-linemen replaces tight end in the O-line.

What’s great with Joe Looney is that he’s always ready to step in, knows his role, is liked by fans and teammates, and a tremendous overall locker room presence. The man that sets the tone up. Now, after entering free agency, Cowboys are looking to bring him back. With new players on the O-line, Looney’s presence is just what the team needs to gel them all together.

Jonathan Cooper left the squad in free agency and joined San Francisco 49ers, to compete for the left guard spot on their side. With this move, Looney could have more snaps in 2018 than he had last season. Of course, Big D franchise has the draft ahead, and if they decide to pick up an offensive lineman, there could as well be a fight for places on the roster through pre-season.

After being quiet in the first week of free agency, Cowboys are on the move and are trying to complete their puzzle. With players landing at Star in Frisco, Dallas is slowly becoming an exciting destination for NFL players. We could even expect a safety to be signed in the coming weeks; anything is possible now.