Dallas Cowboys are still the most profitable team in NFL


According to the survey conducted by magazine Forbes on Wednesday, it has been 10 years in a row with the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable team in NFL.

Forbes stated that the Cowboys worth $4.2 billion as they took over the first place from the soccer titan Real Madrid. In comparison to the last year, the Cowboys recorded a 5-percent rise.
Their revenue is $700 million and operating profit 300$. Those are unimaginable numbers considering that they haven’t won a Lombardi since 1996 and the last two years they didn’t even reach the knock-out stage.

The average value of NFL teams is $2.34 billion which is a 19-percent increase. This growth is influenced by the highest TV ratings of any sports in the USA and recently by the Rams moving to the city of Angels from St. Louis, as Forbes announced.


The 10 most valuable NFL teams presented in billions:

1. Dallas Cowboys – $4.2
2. New England Patriots – $3.4
3. New York Giants – $3.1
4. San Francisco 49ers – $3
5. Washington Redskins – $2.95
6. Los Angeles Rams – $2.90
7. New York Jets – $2.75
8. Chicago Bears – $2.70
9. Houston Texans – $2.60
10. Philadelphia Eagles – $2.50