More Names Added To The List Of Athletes That Allegedly Were Using Illegal Substances

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Doping scandal continues as the hacking group Tsar Team also known as Fancy Bears has delivered a list with 25 athletes that allegedly were using illegal substances. On the list, we have names from USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Russia, Denmark, and the Czech Republic.

It all started when the group accused Serena and Venus Williams famous tennis players from the US, and Simon Bails gymnast that took four gold medals and one bronze at the recently closed Rio Olympic Games. They also stated that WADA (World AntiDoping Agency) knew about this, but they decided to cover everything up. Soon after the security breach and information leakage, WADA confirmed that files were stolen.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t ended there since the group added more names to the list. Total of 25 new athletes were accused in their report about doping. Here are the athletes that allegedly used illegal substances:

US: Bethanie Mattek-Sands (tennis), Brittney Griner (basketball), John Conger (swimming), Dagmara Wozniak (fencing), Deanna Price (hammer throw), Caitlin Baker (swimming), McQuin Baron (water polo), Michelle Carter (shot put), Sam Dorman (diving), Tervel Dlagnev (wrestling)

UK: Bradley Wiggins (cycling), Chris Froome (cycling), Charley Hull (Golf), Heather Fisher (rugby sevens), Sam Townsend (rowing)

Denmark: Pernille Blume (swimming)

Russia: Mikhail Aloyan (boxing)

Poland: Natalia Madaj (rowing)

Czech: Petra Kvitová (tennis)

Romania: Roxana Cogianu (rowing)

In the statement of the hackers group, we could hear that they advocate fair-play and that they are working on exposing athletes that are breaking the rules. It is also stated that the list of athletes does not include only individuals from only one country.

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When we take a look at the new list of the athletes that were allegedly using the illegal substances we see Petra Kvitová tennis player from the Czech Republic as the biggest name. At the end of the announcement by Fancy Bears they suggest staying tuned. Does that mean that there are more documents and more athletes that are on the list?