Dallas Cowboys At San Francisco 49ers – What To Expect

image source: givemesport.com

Football season is just around the corner, and with the preseason games starting in a few days we will be getting the feeling of what to expect in the next few months. In the first match, Cowboys will be facing 49ers, longtime rivals and these two squads have a rich and turbulent history.

With the clash on Thursday 9 August, the preseason will start for America’s Team so be sure to check this out. The big question here is what we can expect from the first match?

It is clear that Cowboys fans are among the hungriest in the league and we know what Texas thinks about the game of football. Just like with every new season start, don’t expect to see much in the first few prep duels as most starters will have limited play time, same will be in the 49ers match.

The coaching staff will be testing players that most likely won’t get all that much time on the field during the season and try to determine who will stay on the roster and who will be sent off. This will also help out to get a better insight into what can be done by some of the guys and how to best utilize them when the real deal starts.

image source: bloggingtheboys.com

For a far better view of the squad’s possibilities, we will have to wait for later preseason games against Bengals, Cardinals and the final one versus Texans on August, 30. A similar approach is expected from 49ers that will definitely safeguard their top guys to keep them healthy.

Anyway, while we won’t see the top of the line football in 49ers vs. Cowboys duel, it is better than nothing. All that time we have to wait for the season to start, these games are the foreplay, and while we are already burning for the real deal, it is good to know that things are heating up.