Dallas Cowboys Boost Their Offensive Line Before The Playoffs

Source: theboysareback.wordpress.com

Dallas Cowboys have the best offensive line in the NFL. Their rookies led them to a 13-3 season, but all of that was made possible by the o-line that has done a beautiful job all year long.

It seems that the Dallas Cowboys want even to improve further in this segment and jack their strength with the signing of Jonathan Cooper, a former top-10 pick.


He was drafted as the seventh overall choice by the Arizona Cardinals in the now abysmal top half of the 2013 draft and failed to make a big impact before he was shipped to the New England Patriots that took a shot on him. New England also received a second-round selection that came with Cooper in exchange for Chandler Jones. Cooper really didn’t make an impression in New England as his poor play caused Bill Belichick to cut him in October.

Cleveland Brows claimed Cooper off waivers, but he didn’t stay long with the Browns before they let him go before the final game of the season. Some thought that this was the end of his career, but the Cowboys had a different opinion.

They are taking a flier on Cooper. And why not, they are adding some depth to a unit that is enabling them to do what they have been doing all year long- La’el Collins went down early in the season because of an injury, but Leary stepped in, and this line was just as good as with Collins on the field.

This offensive line is what makes is all possible for Dallas, they are the ones that are making those giant holes that Ezekiel Elliot hits so easily and quickly. Cooper is still a prospect, but the Dallas Cowboys are hoping that this man will show why he was taken 7th overall in the NFL Draft.