Ford F-150 branded : Dallas Cowboys

There are many things that can be called American. The most distinguished probably are Apple pie, Football and Ford F-150. This especially goes if you are from Texas. That is the main reason why nobody was surprised when Ford announced that they are building Ford-F-150 special edition. The Dallas Cowboys edition! This beauty will be sold only at a few Texas Ford dealerships, and that is about an only bad thing concerning this model.

If someone is wondering why Ford is building Cowboys-branded F-150, the answer is as following: Ford has a long lasting partnership with Dallas Cowboys, and with this truck they are putting together some of the most recognizable American brands. The Dallas Cowboys and the Ford F-150. This comes as a crown of their partnership, considering that Ford is one of the main Cowboys sponsors. Cowboys training facility, built on highest of the standards, is called Ford Center, and it’s based on The Star in Frisco, Texas. This facility is being used by Dallas Cowboys athletes and by athletes from Frisco Independent School District. The facilities consist of practice fields, an indoor stadium that can hold up to 12000 people, and it also serves as the headquarters for the entire Dallas Cowboys Franchise orchestrated by Jerry Jones.

The idea of having Cowboys branded F-150 isn’t new. A similar thing was done before, and the last time we witnessed this was 22 years ago. Considering this was a complete success back then, there is no reason why it won’t succeed now, especially if we look at how large Cowboys and F-150 fanbases are.

The model being used by Ford to create Cowboys-styled truck is Ford F-150 XLT equipped with Chrome Package. Here are just a few things that make it Cowboys-like. For starters, there is the color. Cowboys helmet-silver is one of the most recognizable colors among the Cowboys fanbase (they bleed silver and blue after all), and is as such, featured on their F-150. Blue star of the Cowboys is featured on Front doors, the tailgate and is covering the entire floor of the cargo area. 20-inch wheels star ‘the Star’ on the center cap, and it’s all crowned with silver and blue stripes that stretch trough rocker panels.

On the inside, Cowboys brand logos are found on the chrome foot plates (Cowboys written in words), front and back floor mats, and ‘1 of 400’ badge is located on the dashboard. This logo also features signature of the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Cowboys fans, or anybody else who wants to own this truck, will have to come down to Texas and pay $41,925 for the pickup, which is as we mentioned earlier only sold at some Texas dealerships.