Scott Eastwood On Dwayne Johnson And Vin Diesel Feud On Set Of Fast 8

One of the things that seriously upset fans of Fast And Furious franchise was the news about the alleged feud between two superstars on set. We saw Dwayne Johnson rant on many social media channels that he has, but it seems that everything was the public stunt to gain more popularity for both future movie but also for the next Wrestlemania.

After feud had gone public few crew members commented on this publicly, and now we are getting another confirmation that this might be only a marketing trick by two big guys. Scott Eastwood wasn’t aware of a feud on set while he was present and says that he didn’t notice any problems between the two.

Furthermore, Eastwood explained in his short interview that he grew very close to his colleagues and that they had a great time adding that he didn’t notice any friction between Hobbs and Torreto. Looking at what The Rock stated in his posts on social media we are pretty sure that it would be hard if not even impossible to hide displacement.

Here is the part of the statement we received from Scott Eastwood:

“We had barbecues, like, every day on set,” he continued. “Tyrese would put on barbecues for everybody. We’d go run out and shoot a scene and come back and listen to music and eat grilled chicken.”

As we all know, WWE is two weeks before the official launch of Fast 8 in April 2017. This is ideal to promote both events and to look at what these two guys can do it seems that both events will be huge.