Dallas Cowboys Building No. 1 Receivers Squad


It was reported by Dallas Cowboys that they want to build No. 1 group of receivers, but it is also noted that they need to have that No. 1 guy. Some people might agree or disagree with this statement, but we do think that it all depends on a definition of this matter.

To better understand this situation we talked to Sanjay Lal who explained few things about No. 1 receivers and similar. Here is what he said: “One, it’s semantics to call ‘em a No. 1 receiver. I think everyone’s vision of that is different. To me there’s maybe a handful of true No. 1 guys who can win, play in and play out, in this league…” Lal continued by saying: “I think if you have a series of guys compete -compete for the ball – and everything that entails, meaning violent route-runners playing away from the ball. Collectively the group feeds off that and you end up with a No. 1 group if not a No. 1 receiver. And you can get a lot done with that.”

Simply looking at the current situation in NFL it is clear that there are only a few truly elite WRs and to have them you need to give up a lot. One of the things that Cowboys and receiver’s coach Sanjay Lal want is to have the group of guys that will be able to dominate any defense. There might not be that one go-to option by default like it was the case with Dez Bryant who was elite in his prime.


With Bryant out of the picture, it is possible to give all receivers equal chances and provide an even number of balls to every one of those players on the field. Another thing to point out is the fact that during his career Dak Prescott didn’t have a favorite target, not in college and not in NFL. When not pressured to provide more balls to one man we think that Prescott has better chances to be successful and show his best.


According to Sanjay, if you have a No. 1 squad of receivers, you will be able to employ reliable route-runner, and those guys will be capable of delivering when you need it most. On the paper, this looks quite good, and we are sure that fans are pretty excited about this plan.

Even with knowing that, it is important to have that one man who will stick out among the rest. He will be able to produce when all others are covered and when everything is equal on the field. Sanjay Lal is fully aware of this, and the franchise will look for that guy during the training camp, he will be fed more than the others. “I see someone by the end of training camp is going to ascend into a ‘No 1’ role or someone we trust more than others and he’s going to get fed.”