Dallas Cowboys Continue As NFC’s Best In Win Over Steelers


Dallas Cowboys are just continuing to get it done. They just keep winning over and over again. This is the eight straight for this young Cowboys’ team that really is looking like the favorite in the NFC. Steelers are no easy team to beat, especially on their home turf. Dallas just added them to their collection of good squads that they have hammered this season.

It wasn’t easy. It was a rollercoaster of a game. Steelers had the advantage in the first half, then Dallas took it over before the Steelers made a second half push. After having a two-score lead, Steelers weren’t able to stop the Cowboys from scoring twice and turning the game around.

That last play was special as it was a clutch play by a guy that is a legitimate MVP candidate. Elliot ran the ball straight into the end zone as the Cowboys needed at least field goal to take the lead. Cowboys’ running back had other plans as he ran for a 32-yard TD to win the match for his team. The biggest play of the game in the biggest moment of the game.


Another good day for Prescott, another good day for Elliot as well. Dallas’ divisional rivals are putting the pressure on them to keep winning if they want to stay at the top. They are doing just that and are now still comfortably leading the NFC East.

Can anyone jeopardize company from Dallas? Not likely, especially if they continue playing like this. The biggest threat for them might be their internal struggle that could happen on QB position, but hopefully, they will be smart on this one.