Prediction: Jared Goff Or Case Keenum In Week 11?


Los Angeles Rams looked like one of the worst teams in the NFL with Case Keenum leading the way in Week 1. A lot of people were wondering why Jared Goff is sitting behind this man and why he is not playing. Is it that Jeff Fisher is trying to Protect him, or is it because Fisher doesn’t believe that Goff can have a respectable season and can cost him his job?

That one is tough to answer. Let’s not talk about things regarding something like that. The fact of the matter is, Rams offense has been inconsistent. They are struggling to put up points at times, and then they go out on the field and explode. Still, their defense should be given the credit since they are the ones that are putting the offense in a good field position.

Fisher was really close to naming Goff his starter, but he went with Keenum in Week 10. Rams offense scored only 9 points in New York, but their defense bailed them out again and won the game by limiting woeful Jets to only 6 points.

Will this be enough for Keenum to keep his job even though he was bad in New York? Knowing Jeff Fisher, we think that Jared Goff will sit on the bench yet again next round.

This win is going to save Case Keenum, at least for now. It’s clear that Fisher would like him to quarterback even if he can’t be somewhat productive. If he keeps being average, Goff won’t see any playing time this season.

What do you think about all this? Is this the right call or you would like to see few changes in the game?