Dallas Cowboys DeMarcus Lawrence Focus on Defense, not the Upcoming Contract Talks

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Upcoming Contract Talks are not the biggest worry for Dallas Cowboys’ DeMarcus Lawrence even though he will have to consider his future soon. However, the other teams will try to attract Lawrence, knowing that he leads the NFL with sacks with 8.5 in just five games. Even though this contract discussion with Lawrence will be important for Dallas, Lawrence isn’t worried.

“We’ll talk about that when the time comes. I ain’t in a rush,” he said. “I’m just going to keep racking up my numbers, and we’ve just got to get the job done as a team. If the team wins, we all win. That’s the main thing.”

And he is right – if the squad performs well, everybody wins. His value on the free agent market increases, but he will rather play for a winning franchise that has a shot at winning the championship. Meanwhile, Lawrence didn’t want to talk about his preferences for the future.

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“My preference is whatever Jerry tells me — that’s my preference,” he said. “I’d love to be a Cowboy for the rest of my life. Like I said, that contract talk — I ain’t worried about that. I’m worrying about getting the job done and making sure we come out with a dub.”

The Cowboys have struggled this season, but Lawrence was not the reason for it. Sacking opposing quarterbacks has never been Dallas’ thing, but so far, only six teams have more sacks than the Cowboys, who recorded 16 in total. He is not the only player on the roster with multiple sacks as he is joined by Maliek Collins, David Irving, and Tyrone Crawford. No wonder Lawrence praised the Cowboys D-line and his teammates.

However, due to some other issues, the Cowboys are ranked 22nd in the rush defense category in the NFL, allowing 118 yards per game. They are also one of the worst teams in takeaways, just in front of the Atlanta Falcons. Lawrence believes that defense can improve and that turnovers are an important category.

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“That’s our main challenge while we’re on the field — to get the ball back for the offense,” he said. “It’s hard enough scoring, but we haven’t stepped up to our full potential in getting that job done. Hopefully, we can go out there and prove it this week.”

The Dallas Cowboys are facing the San Francisco 49ers this round who allow three sacks per game. Lawrence said: “The challenge is us doing our job. That’s the main thing — it’s on us. We can’t worry about their schemes and what they’re doing. Our keys tell us everything. If we run our system and do our job, everything will be taken care of.”