Dallas Cowboys Draft Position And Draft Needs


Dallas Cowboys have been the best team in the NFC all season long, made the Playoffs as the winners of their division, but lost to the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round. That means that they will be drafting from a spot that is reserved for those squads that were not able to get to the Championship game but were good enough to be one of the remaining eight best teams in the NFL season.

All of that means that the best possible draft position that they would get is the 24th spot, and the worst possible is the 28th. Since Dallas had the best record out of those teams that made it to the Divisional Round, they will be drafting from the 28th in the first round. Now, what are their needs?

Well, the Dallas Cowboys need a defensive end. That is their biggest need. This team is down a couple of defensive ends because of the injury or suspensions, and they need that pass rush. It was one of their biggest weaknesses last season, so it needs to be fixed. They gambled two times on player’s character at the DE spot, with Gregory and Hardy. They lost both times. They need to do a better job this round.


Secondly, they need a cornerback. Clayborne is a good player, but not quite an elite cornerback in the NFL. He also went down during the season and who knows how will he look when he returns from his injury. Sidney Jones, Marshon Lattimore are some of the options for the Cowboys if they decide to look for a cornerback early in the draft.

Jason Witten is in his 30s, and the Cowboys need to be preparing for him maybe going down with the injury or calling it a career in the near future. They might be looking to draft a tight end just in case something happens with Witten.