Tony Romo and wife Candice Romo to have a third child by August


On early morning on Tuesday, all of those who have Tony Romo close to their hearts heard good news. Romo’s wife Candice announced on KTCK 96.7 FM/1310 AM The Ticket that the pair is going to have another child. Candice Romo was quoted saying: “We will be expecting our third little Romo offspring this August.”

The Romo couple were together since summer of 2009 and got married on May 28, 2011. They already have two children, Hawkins Romo aged four and two years old Rivers Romo.

We can’t say if the announcement of their third child being on the way has some hidden message behind, but it came in an unusual moment. In upcoming months Tony Romo will probably be on the hunt for a new job. The odds are slim that Romo is going to spend any more time as backup quarterback for Dak Prescott. With quality and reputation on his side, Romo is looking for a starter job being it at Dallas with Cowboys or somewhere else with another team. He is prone to injuries, and that is the main reason why he lost the starting job in Dallas, but healthy Romo behind a good offensive line is a Super Bowl material.


Dallas was their home for years, and if Tony changes clubs, the entire family would have to relocate. Whether he will stay or go is unclear at this moment, and his wife talked about that too.

“We don’t know anything,” Candice Romo said. “We know just as much as you guys, and for a type-A planner personality, it doesn’t bode well. And I’m sure when we do [know something], Tony will be the guy to tell you.”

“We just don’t know,” Candice added. “There’s so many variables and things that can take place that my mom has always said, ‘You just don’t cross that bridge until you get there.’ And I just don’t really worry about it until it comes. We’re not really worried about it. We’re just going to see it as it comes.”

Being 37 years of age and with injuries at his back Romo still has something to offer, but Candice Romo is already thinking about jobs which Tony could do after his playing career is over.


“I don’t know. I joked that he could be an amazing DJ,” she told The Ticket. “He loves music. I mean we have no idea.”

“This is really crazy, but I think he’d be such a good actor. He’s really more of a creative, I think. He has a good balance of that type-A and creative. His timing is impressive, and I — we’re kind of movie connoisseurs, and we love television — we watch a lot of movies and things, and we just kind of watch the craft. I personally think he’d be a really good actor.”

Whether he becomes a DJ or an actor or remains an elite NFL QB, we wish all of the best to Tony Romo and his family.