Dallas Cowboys Executive Vice President Stephen Jones Talks about the Team


The G-Bag Nation on 105.3-FM The Fan hosted Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones who discussed the Dallas Cowboys and some of the current affairs surrounding the team.

He spoke about the loss to the Atlanta Falcons, and he said that they would take a look at everything that happened and see what they could’ve done better starting from the game plan to the adjustments during the match. He also stated that the players would take a look at what they had done wrong and correct it in the upcoming encounters.


Moreover, Jones pointed out that the Cowboys were not the only team looking to add players to the squad and they were not the only ones struggling with injured players. However, finding the right guy at this time of the season is difficult, says Jones. He mentioned that the players they have were good and that it was up to the coaching staff to find the way to utilize those players best. Jones also explained that going through the air against the Falcons was a mistake, but that the Cowboys ran the ball well at times. He also said that the pressure from the Falcons defense was too high and that the time has come to take “a long hard look at that.”

He was also asked whether Tyron Smith could play two games in five days and if Justin Durant was healthy. As for the former, he said that it was not certain and that Smith would be evaluated. The next game is against the Eagles, and Jones pointed out that both Tyron Smith and Sean Lee would be evaluated. On the other hand, Durant got a green light, and he is ready to go. Jones said that Durant would be important for the squad next week since Sean [Lee] is likely going to miss the game against the Eagles.


This is what Cowboys executive vice president had to say about Jaylon Smith: “I think we’ve all agreed that when he has to play too many snaps that you get diminishing returns. Certainly, the things that he’s done this year are amazing, and he’s done a great job. At the same time, I do think that when we have him out there for too many plays that he does seem to have some fatigue there that probably keeps him from playing at the level, he wants to play.”

He added: “That’ll also factor in as we make decisions to who’s going to be up and who’s going to be down in terms of what his role will be. Certainly, we’ll want him involved. It’s just a matter of what is the optimal number of plays for Jaylon and who steps in when he hits that pitch count.”

Furthermore, the executive vice president praised Anthony Hitchens and his ability to step up. Jones said that you could always count on Hitchens and that he continuously bounces back, no matter what. It appears that the front office is satisfied with him, but when asked whether Dallas plans on keeping Hitchens long-term, Jones said that it was too early in the season and that nobody’s contracts have been considered. This will be dealt with at the end of the campaign.


Jones also spoke of Sean Lee and said that he couldn’t remember any Dallas Cowboys player who was more missed on the defensive end. He spoke highly of Lee’s high level of play as well as his leadership, and when this guy is on the field, everyone knows exactly what they are doing. Jones stated that Lee made everybody around him better and that it was a tough loss for Dallas and much more difficult to play without him.

He also explained that Lee was probably the one who was irritated the most because of the injuries. Jones said: “I know he takes that hard and he’s such a competitor. Certainly, it’s played out this year that when we don’t have Sean, we don’t play as well on defense. We’ve gotta do better than that. We’ve gotta have guys step up. We’ve gotta be able to play solid with Sean or without Sean because injuries are a part of our game. They happen every week to all teams, and everybody has to deal with injuries throughout the year, so there’s no excuses. We just have to do a better job of when we lose a player to do what we have to do from a scheme standpoint to have success.”

“Is Zack Martin going to play the tackle in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles?” was one of the questions raised and Jones said that numerous options would be considered. He acknowledged that the entire team needed to step up and every member, from the head coach to the last player on the bench, would need to do much more against such an opponent. As for the rookie Chidobe Awuzie, the Cowboys decided to allow him to rest against the Falcons even though he could have played. Everyone hopes that Awuzie will be able to do the entire week of full practice before the actual game. He feels positive about Awuzie, so he should be ready to go.


Meanwhile, Jones also discussed Anthony Brown and said that the young guy was aware that he could have performed better. Not that he played bad. Jones also divulged that he was the man who was definitely considered for the future by the Cowboys. Jones also said that Brown was the embodiment of the work ethic and that they should be happy to have him on the team because he keeps improving day in day out.

One of the questions asked was about Prescott playing late in the game while he was getting hit. Jones responded: “I think it certainly crosses your mind. I know it did Jerry and I as we were up there. Certainly always optimistic that you’re going to make a play, you’re going to get back in the game. At the same time at some point, you wonder how smart it is when things aren’t going so well as they were yesterday, but certainly, that’s a decision we let Jason and Scott as them make. You do have concerns, but we were able to get through it, and I think we did the right thing when possessed the ball the last time and just ran the clock out. It was certainly the right thing to do, and we’ll regroup. I’m convinced and feel very positive that we’ll put this in our rear view mirror, and we’ll move forward, and we’ll respond in a positive way.”

He ended with the thoughts on Highland Park: “Oh so fired up about it. They’re on a hot streak. They lost their first game and have won nine in a row, and they’re playing really good football. They’ll play Saturday at 2:00 at The Star. As you know from last year, we really enjoy following the Scots and his football team. Jerry enjoys it as well. It’s a family affair. He’s had a great year and fully expect them to be prepared and ready to go. I’m sure Texas High will have a really good football team and fired up to be playing in The Star so it’ll be a great football game.”

Do you agree with Jones about the matters discussed? Does Dallas stand a chance against hot Eagles?