Braun Strowman Puts Kane Through The Ring


Ever since WWE decided to have Strowman fight his own battles and not be a part of the Wyatt Family, The Monster Among Men has been on an impressive run. He has stomped over everybody and has put everybody on Monday Night Raw on notice. The way that he has been booked is the single most impressive thing that Raw has done since the brand split.

We might go as far as to say that he is the only main event attraction that WWE has built up on the main roster over the past couple of years. Yes, guys like Samoa Joe are now the main event caliber performer, but they have been built up down in the NXT. He was the main attraction there, and it wasn’t all that hard to transfer him to the big league. So was AJ Styles outside of the WWE and Nakamura in the NXT as well.

Guys like Big Show have entered the storylines with Braun Strowman in order to make him look legit. Big Show had some great matches with him, and it seems that Kane is next in line to put over The Monster Among Men.

After a back and forth contest with The Big Red Machine, Strowman seemed to have the upper hand in the battle as he was ready to put him away for good with his finisher. Well, as soon as he started with his Running Powerslam, we have seen that he sped up and then put Kane through the ring!

Now, the ring was fixed of course, but still, the goal was to make Strowman look impressive, just like the goal was for him to look good when he and the Big Show broke the whole ring battling two months ago.