The 10 best Dallas Cowboys players!


11Top 10 list of best Dallas Cowboys players of all time

No, Tony Romo Is Not On The List – Source:

Dallas Cowboys or the America’s Team is currently one of the most popular NFL franchise with 30 playoff appearances, eight NFC titles won and been Super Bowl champions five times. But this is not all, the team that has been founded in 1960 produced 11 players who were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The idea for this top 10 list came from a former legendary Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Specifically, he suggested back in 2014 that “best Dallas Cowboy of all time” is probably the tight end Jason Witten, who was evidently Romo’s favorite target. This statement, of course, brought up a massive debate that has been going ever since then, and it, of course, made us think – Can Witten even manage a top 10 list with all those stars that Cowboys produced?

If you want to make a real top 10 list, then you have to consider things like stats, All-Pro selections, team success, and longevity which is exactly what we did. Thanks to that here is the top 10 list of best Dallas Cowboys players of all time. Check it out!